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More and more our clients are asking for us to handle every aspect associated with the construction of their new pool. We are happy to do this as jobs will normally progress smoother without unnecessary delays. Our clients also prefer the one contact for all tasks.

Pool Design & Construction

Working with you or your designer we can help to design a pool that looks great, meets your practical needs and is easy to operate and maintain. Being familiar with the latest cleaning and automated operating systems we can also advise on the best systems to meet your needs and budget.

We will also look after the Engineering and Building Permit for your pool.


Landscaping is an integral part of any pool and can range from paving and retaining walls to Decking, irrigation systems and planting. Our qualified and experienced team of Landscapers can assist with all your Landscaping needs.

Pool Fencing

Regulations relating to Pool fencing can be confusing and lead to costly mistakes and delays in filling your pool. As well as giving you advice we also provide an full installation service for glass and aluminium fencing.

Electrical & Plumbing

All pools have requirements in relation to plumbing and power. Whilst some clients have their own contacts, we can also assist in arranging trades that are experienced in the requirements for pools.

Preparation Works

Some jobs require preparation works prior to commencement. Whether it be removal of trees, concrete & paving or decking we can help.