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Planning your new pool

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In providing the following information we aim to make the planning and quoting process easier for you. Whilst some are obvious, others are issues that past clients had not considered.

Positioning your pool

When considering the location of your new pool, we suggest you consider the following important points: 

  • Are there any easements or underground pipes or services nearby that will impact on your positioning.
  • Is the planned location shaded or in full sun (shaded pools can feel cold)
  • Is it important that you can see the Pool from rooms within the house (i.e. kitchen or family room) as this can be important for both aesthetics and supervision.
  • What impact will the pool and the associated works, i.e. paving and fencing, have on the remaining yard and other uses.
  • Does the location “fit” with other planned projects.
  • Finally, what size pool does the planned location allow for.


Whilst some clients know exactly what they want and are prepared to pay the cost of achieving this, other clients will have a budget in mind . With pools everything is possible but all comes at a cost. Water features , in-floor cleaning and automated systems are all available but all add to the cost of your pool. 

Who to Contact

When wanting to obtain quotes people will usually source builders by referral, the SPASA website, builder’s websites , pool & spa shows or through advertising in magazines. At Blu, it is our experience that most of our clients contact us as a result of a referral from a past client.

Whilst these methods will expose you to an array of builders, it is advised that the builders you choose to contact are licensed pool builders and are members of SPASA.