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This part of the planning process can prove to be the most difficult and confusing. Unless you have a fixed design in mind, most builders will probably suggest different designs or dimensions.

This in itself is not a bad thing as it is good to get ideas, it can lead however to builders quoting on different pools, thus making quote comparison difficult. If this occurs and you find a design you like, do not be afraid to call your selected builders back to re-quote the job. By the end of the quoting process you should aim to have a least two quotes for the same design and specifications.

Once you have your quotes it is also important to clearly identify the following:

  • What is and what is not included in the price?

Other variables to consider include:

Cartage of soil from the site

If not included, this can add substantially to the cost of your pool as suitable tip sites are not always available within 6 Km .
Charges for a full tip truck can be up to $20 per Km . If the nearest tip site is 16 Km’s away, this can easily add up to $2000 to the price of the average 8m x 4m pool. 

Tip Fees

Once again, tip fees (if not included) can add substantially to the cost of your pool. With costs averaging $80 per load, tip fees for the average 8 x 4 pool can add approximately $1000 to the cost of your pool.


Filtration and Solar Heating

In addition to that outlined above, most builders will have preferred suppliers of pumps, filters, salt chlorinators, solar seating etc. These components will play a large part in ensuring your pool is both easy to manage and safe to use. It is therefore crucial that you ensure you are satisfied that the systems proposed are capable of meeting the demands that will be placed upon them, especially during the hot summer months.

Building a pool should be an exciting and satisfying experience. Careful planning and consideration of costs will greatly assist in ensuring your experience is a positive one